Welcome to Kayaks @ The Zoo

We are a kayak outfitter located within the same storefront as Alfred E. Bike. We carry a wide selection of Hurricane Kayaks and Bending Branches Paddles. Unfortunately we are unable to offer on-water testing. For on-water experience and demonstration we recommend Quiet World Recreation.

While it may seem strange for one of America’s leading bicycle shops to be selling kayaks, the two sports really complement each other well. Not just lower body/upper body workout benefits, but each activity produces the same deep satisfaction of self-propelled escape from our over-mechanized world. We are known far and wide for only selling top notch equipment and we take no exception with our kayak choices. Like a fine road bike, a Hurricane kayak is designed to be lightweight, balanced, comfortable for miles on end and above all a creation of beauty. Hurricane kayaks are often mistaken in our showroom for composite kayaks costing twice as much. And Hurricane kayaks paddle exactly like those pricey composites but without the worries of scratching and dinging. So while we aren’t the biggest kayak dealer in the realm, we are the most discriminating when it comes to giving our customers the best for less.

We hope it matters as much to you as it does to us that our kayaks and paddles are made 100% here in the USA by companies that really care about their dealers, employees and YOU!

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